Some days, after being triggered when finding a past masterpiece like

Franz Marc’s, Large Blue Horses,
Large Blue Horses

I can spend the whole day perusing the web for art I’ve not seen or that my mind’s lost through time. I’m both joyous at finding these treasures and saddened, aware that the majority of them lie hidden from view from most of us, never to kindle the imagination or to prompt a search for their origins, siblings or similar works – never to bring artist through the eye to the hand of a child yearning to create their own masterpiece.

For those who have the privilege to walk in the presence of these treasures, to gaze upon their contours and consume their color, texture, shadows – their characters – they are fortunate to truly know the artist and more fortunate to interpret from their own, not another’s history, the culture the artist shares in that moment of capture. Oh, if only to be so rich!

Lost In the Shadows

Consider this, New York’s Museum of Modern Art displays only 24 works by Pablo Picasso, yet the Museum has an additional 1,197 in their custody, the Tate displays about 20 percent of it’s treasures, the Louvre just 8 percent and the Guggenheim a mere 3 percent. Why? Certainly space is a major factor, as are preservation and protection, but the cost is that most of those works, lying hidden in the depths, never emerge to be studied by new, untainted eyes.

Limited by copyright, there is only so much that can be reproduced and yet of those in the public domain there are innumerable works yet to be unveiled. Stay with us at Cafe Projections as we bring to you highlights of the masterpieces it rediscovers and transforms onto new mediums, some that you can present and share on your table and maybe cultivate an artist in your circle.

Store Fronts

On Spoonflower – you’ll find fabric, wallpaper, borders, coffee sleeve starts, lamp shade starts and more.

Real Mother Goose 6in border #1

Zazzle – drop shipped products include mugs, tees, ties, stationary, essentially anything that can have a graphic image printed on it. Most items are customizable so you can modify them for your liking.

Etsy – The items here are pre-made from my Spoonflower fabric or wallpaper designs, are digital downloads of print-ables that Zazzle can’t handle cost effectively, or vintage items.

Cafe Projections

This website will eventually be setup with an eCommerce Store providing you a greater ability to make custom requests.

Looking forward to your patronage.