I ‘ve always loved art old and new. And while I’m not an artist myself bringing art to others is at the heart of Cafe Projections. Quite a while back I came across a Photoshop plugin to format an image into a shape suitable for use on Empire or Bell lampshades. It intrigued especially because the shape was the inverse of that of a coffee cup. I immediately began to make my own personally designed… Continue reading Articles

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Utagawa Hiroshige Table Shade

Print this image on bright-white, semi-gloss card-stock, 8.5x11in, highest/best quality. Using a roller fabric cutter cut on the black border all around but for one straight edge cut which should have a 1/4 inch selvage or trim to accept 1/4 double sided tape. For display, I use a super bright LED in a water filled stemless, 13oz wine glass. The water provides a continuous, dynamic diffraction of the light which I happen to like. Other… Continue reading Utagawa Hiroshige Table Shade