Checkmate Monday – Paul Morphy

This this two-move checkmate is attributed to Paul Morphy, when age ten. Hint: it features the Zugzwang paired with a quiet-move. White to move. Born in New Orleans June 22, 1837, Morphy played competitively in America and Europe for fourteen years between 1849 and 1863 and was considered the strongest chess player of his time. Wikipedia: Solutions : Rook to a.6(a quiet move), pawn to a.6, pawn to b.7 checkmate Rook to a.6, bishop… Continue reading Checkmate Monday – Paul Morphy

Utagawa Hiroshige Table Shade

Utagawa Hiroshigi 53 Stations of the Tokaido - Set 1

Print this image on bright-white, semi-gloss card-stock, 8.5x11in, highest/best quality. Using a roller fabric cutter cut on the black border all around but for one straight edge cut which should have a 1/4 inch selvage or trim to accept 1/4 double sided tape. For display, I use a super bright LED in a water filled stemless, 13oz wine glass. The water provides a continuous, dynamic diffraction of the light which I happen to like. Other… Continue reading Utagawa Hiroshige Table Shade